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A passion for nature, arts, music and wine is what this family winery
is all about. Ingenuity, innovation, modern wine making techniques,
means a bright future for this fun loving, exciting farmgate winery.
Growing 100% Certified Organic Grapes since 1995. Other's watching us include:,,,,,,,,,, and of course,, and you. Gamay Noir Hand harvested from the Beaumont Estate Vineyards in late October. Our 2008 Gamay Noir was cold soaked on skins to retain fresh vibrant flavors and to extract rich color. Fermentation in skins carefully to place over a 3 week period while hand... Gewurtzraminer Hand picked from the beginning of October from the Beaumont Estate Vineyards emphasis is placed on capturing fresh flavors and vibrant clean acidity. The 2009 Gewürztraminer was crushed, destemmed and pressed to extract aroma and... Pinot gris Fantastic growing conditions in the fall allowed for the 2009 Pinot Gris to develop great varietal characteristics. Hand selected at the beginning of October from the Beaumont Estate Vineyards, our Pinot Gris was whole cluster pressed... Pinot Noir A dry September ensured an excellent ripening period for the 2007 Pinot Noir. Hand picked from the Beaumont Estate Vineyards in mid October, cold soaked and set to open air fermenters. Hand plunging took place for cap management. Ice wine Beaumont Family Estate Winery. The finest wines in the west Homeabout usWine Listwhere to buygalleryContact City Retail Outlets Restaurants Armstrong Anchor Inn Pub 3030 Smith Dr. Box 221 Armstrong B.C. VOE 1B0 250 546-9122 Armstrong Inn Ltd, Armstrong liquor store, Armstrong Inn Dinning Room 3400 Smith Dr. P.O. Box 551 Armstrong B.C. VOG 1B0 250 546-3056 Castlegar Uptown Liquor Store Ltd. 300 - 1965 Columbia Ave. Castlegar, B.C. VIN 2W8. 250 365-3870 Chiliwack Jolly Miller Liquor Store 5865 Vedder Road, Chiliwack BC V2R 3N7 604-858-4141 Best Western Liquor Store 43971 Industrial Way Chiliwack B.C. 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